Smart Visor + (Plain) Smart Visor + (Colored) Smart Visor + (Branded)

Product Item: TSSP1

Protecting people the smart way. It is an essential solution to protect your staff & customers. Smart Visor+ is the most environmentally friendly protective visor in the market, using over 50% less plastic than standard issue visors. Smart Visor+ is easy to assemble and wearable time and time again, is lightweight and has absolutely no pressure points.

Smart Visor+ can be fully branded with your own design. It is available in three options: Plain, Coloured and Branded.

  • Plain Smart Visor+

These visors have nothing printed on them and are completely plain. They are the low cost ones.

  • Coloured Smart Visor+

These visors are available in different colors and patterns. Their price is in medium cost range.

  • Branded Smart Visor+

These visors are customized according to a business name and its logo. It is easily disposable.


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 11 × 8 in