NEW Mounted School & Transit Bus Stand

Product Item: T03758

Protect students as they begin each day and as they return home. Made in North America, this patented dispenser is designed to prevent contamination and remove the worry.

This no-touch dispensing station is constructed from durable powder-coated steel.

It is built to last and will dispense properly, every time guaranteed.

Key Features:

No contact with hands
100% mechanical
No batteries
No installation required
For optimal performance use
UBTShield Hand Sanitizer Gel
1L (33.8oz) with premium pump
Also accommodates any pump top
sanitizer bottle from 250ml (8oz)
to 1L (32oz), making for a great
universal fit

Technical Specifications:

Height: 36”
Tube diameter: 4”
Inside diameter: 3.872”
Base diameter: 5″ x 8″
Weight: 18lbs