Product Item: T4927477

Why Hand Wash?

Water And Soap Hygiene
It has been proven that the most effective way of killing germs, is using soap and water to wash your hands. It also has huge cost-saving benefits in comparison with other methods of hygiene.

Portable and Self-contained
Our self-contained units, require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere. Each product comes with dispensers for soap, paper towels and a waste bin. Giving you everything you need to
maintain hand hygiene anywhere anytime.

• Self-contained Sanitiser Station for where water isn’t available, all within a 300 x 300mm footprint with the following capacity:
1- Removeable waste bin
2- 1x 5L Alcohol hand gel or antibacterial soap contained in a lockable space
3- 1x centre feed paper towel or centre feed antibacterial wipes
4- Storage of 1x 5L hand gel or soap
• Can be positioned anywhere as a sanitizing station, either next to an existing water source to wash your hands with soap and water or with hand gel and tissue/wipes where water isn’t accessible
• Manufactured from 70% recycled but durable material
• Lightweight making it easy to move around – less than 15KG inc. consumables
• Not operated by a foot pedal making it suitable for wheelchair users
• Easy to use dispenser connects directly to the 5L can of gel/soap so no decanting to re-fill
• Dimensions: 300 x 1530 x 300mm (WxHxD)